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Chris Pratt and Tom Holland are Top Candidates Amongst Fans to Voice Rick and Morty

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Credit: Marvel Studios

We haven't even finished the first month of 2023 but bombshell news just sent massive shockwaves to the entire geek community. Adult Swim has officially severed its ties with Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland after he was charged with felony domestic abuse.

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Credit: Adult Swim

Roiland also happens to voice both Rick and Morty but the recent controversy the animator is facing has forced the network to go back to the drawing board and look for new voice actors. It is also confirmed that Dan Harmon will now serve as the show's sole creator.

On Twitter, fans began campaigning for the actors they believe would be the right fit for the show now that Roiland has been ousted completely. Surprisingly enough, Chris Pratt and Tom Holland are leading the suggestions (via ScreenRant).

Of course, Pratt and Holland are no strangers to one another and apart from their Marvel Cinematic Universe work, they also did voice acting for Pixar's 2020 film Onward which definitely gives them an edge. Not to mention the chemistry between them has always been tremendous.

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As it stands, we still don't know which actors will end up getting cast as the new voices for Rick and Morty or if Adult Swim will go the same route of having just one actor voice both characters which they've done since the show started.

Originally, Season 7 was set to debut in mid-2023 so it'll be interesting to see whether or not this Roiland controversy will affect the show's premiere. As per the latest reports though, the upcoming season isn't even halfway through its production which leads us to believe that a delay might be possible.

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