Chris Hemsworth Posts In Memoriam Video For His Beloved Friend, Mjolnir

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It's no mystery that Thor's magic hammer Mjolnir gets destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok, and Chris Hemsworth has a funny way of going about the loss of his faithful weapon. What better way to send off your favorite mythical hammer than to have an In Memoriam video?

In the movie, Mjolnir is destroyed by the Goddess of Death, Hela, and it was later revealed that [SPOILER] the reason she could lift and destroy the hammer was because she was the original wielder. [END SPOILER] Thor has yet to come up with a replacement after the loss of Mjolnir, but a good guess is he'll get one in the next Avengers movie.


Though I originally thought the next Mjolnir was going to be another Asgardian-forged weapon, I'm now getting a feeling that Tony Stark is the one that's going to provide Thor with a new hammer. Spider-Man: Homecoming teased that Stark was developing a new belt for Thor, and in the Ultimate comics, Thor's hammer was connected to his belt, and they had to remove it from Thor to incapacitate him.

Though I wanted to see Thor forge his own new weapon by the end of Ragnarok, we really didn't get anything of the sort. I'm just wishing that, instead of the classic hammer shape, we get to see the hammer/axe hybrid Mjolnir that was introduced in the Ultimate comics. I won't even object to the cool axe he wields in The Unworthy Thor.

Check out Thor: Ragnarok now out in theaters.

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