Chris Hemsworth Admits His Enthusiasm for the MCU is Decreasing

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Chris Hemsworth's time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been fruitful, to say the least. Being part of the billion-dollar franchise for over a decade now, there's seemingly nothing for the Thor actor to prove given the fact that the God of Thunder has been a major player since his arrival. If you were to ask the Australian actor though, he thinks some people are already getting tired of seeing him play the character.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

During a conversation with The Today Show in Australia, the Extraction actor was asked if he has any plans of pulling a Tom Holland and signing up for more MCU films in the future. Hemsworth jokingly said: "How many Spider-Mans has he done? He's a little behind me. I think he's done three. I've done six or seven Thors, so maybe."

On the subject of him ever stepping down from his role as the mighty Asgardian, Hemsworth offered a pretty promising update regarding his future in the MCU although he admits that the enthusiasm on his part is slowly diminishing. He said: "As long as they'll have me, I'll turn up, but I feel like that enthusiasm [for me] might be waning."

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As it stands, we still don't know the extent of Chris' current MCU deal but with the Avengers set to face some pretty fierce foes in the future, keeping the God of Thunder around would definitely come in handy. Before anything else though, Thor has some serious problems of his own that he needs to take care of. Odinson is set to face arguably his toughest challenge yet in Gorr the God Butcher played by Christian Bale in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Hemsworth's next MCU project Thor: Love and Thunder will hit cinemas next year.

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