Chris Evans Stands by His Son in Apple TV's Defending Jacob Series Trailer

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How far would you go to protect your child? Chris Evans is choosing to stand by his son as the boy is accused of murder in the first trailer for the new Apple TV+ series Defending Jacob.

The trailer opens with the Barber family going about their day while Jacob (Jaeden Martell) makes a strange analogy. "We're sailing towards an iceberg, this little white peak in the distance getting closer and closer. But really, it's been underneath us the whole time," he says.

It's an interesting comment considering that the next scene features his father Andy (Evans) having to deal with a murder victim which turns out to be a kid. However, it gets worse for Andy as it is revealed that the prints taken from the body were a match to Jacob's.

From here, it becomes clear that Andy will stop at nothing to protect his own child. But is it possible that Jacob actually committed the murder? The truth could be more dangerous than it originally seems.

The new mini-series also stars Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery, Succession's Cherry Jones, Pablo Schreiber of Orange Is the New Black, and Spider-Man: Far From Home star J.K. Simmons. Evans shared the trailer on his official Twitter account along with a hopeful message about COVID-19.

"I know it's tough not leaving the house right now, so hopefully this helps a bit. A lot of wonderful people worked very hard on this project and I'm proud to be a part of it," Evans wrote.

Defending Jacob will begin streaming on Apple TV+ on April 24.

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