DC Reportedly Going After Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Chris Hemsworth

It might be difficult to imagine top actors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe joining the DC Extended Universe, but rumor has it that Warner Brothers is looking into bringing Chris Evans and two more of his Avengers: Endgame co-stars into DC's fold.

According to a report by Showbiz Cheat Sheet, there's a new rumor running up and down the mill claiming that Warner Brothers is hoping to cast Chris Evans and a couple of other Marvel stars in the DCEU.

The studio allegedly hopes to do everything in its power to achieve the same success as Marvel, and it looks like one of the methods of achieving that is by casting Captain America star Chris Evans, Star-Lord actor Chris Prat, and Thor Chris Hemsworth for future roles in its own comic book movie franchise. The report suggests that Warner Brothers wants Evans to take on the lead role for Green Lantern and for Hemsworth to play Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle. There were no specifics about the supposed DC role for Pratt.

It's a shocking news report, to say the least. However, as much as we enjoy sensational reports, we advise fans to take the rumors with a large grain of salt. It seems very, very unlikely for WB to want to cast major Marvel movie stars in the DCEU knowing that they already represent heroes from the rival team. If WB were to cast anyone as Blue Beetle or as Green Lantern, they would probably pick fresher actors.

What do you think of this new rumor? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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