Chris Evans Nearly Appeared in Moon Knight as Old Man Steve Rogers

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios continues to prove that the so-called "superhero fatigue" doesn't exist despite what some people think. In fact, this 2022 alone, the studio has already released two hit shows — Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel and a blockbuster film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and there's definitely more where those came from later this year.

Moon Knight
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Speaking of the MCU's first series offering for 2022, Moon Knight nearly featured appearances from established heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an interview with Discussing Film, the show's head writer and executive producer Jeremy Slater revealed that initial plans called for multiple cameos from beloved MCU characters including Eternals' Dane Whitman, Kingo, and Makkari, and shockingly enough, Chris Evans' Captain America.

He said: "There were definitely different times in the writing process where we talked about cameos because cameos are one of the most fun things to discuss in a writer’s room. What happens if we try to get Chris Evans back as old Captain America? You know, you sit there and play that “what if” game among your writers. The only two that we seriously discussed? Dane Whitman from Eternal of course, because at the time Steven Grant was going to be working at the same museum."

Slater continued: "But there was never any logical reason for him to be in the show. As a Marvel fan, I would be frustrated if Dane showed up for another cameo and it didn’t progress his story or give us any teasers for the Black Knight. Then we also talked about including the Eternals, specifically Kingo and Makkari. We were originally planning to show the original fall of Ammit and the death of Alexander the Great in a flashback sequence, and that seemed like it could naturally dovetail with an appearance from the Eternals."

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As exciting as that would have been, I think a cameo from "Old Man Steve" would've been odd to see. It also doesn't make sense for Rogers to appear in a show like Moon Knight and not The Falcon and the Winter Soldier where his story arc is actually already established. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed in the end.

Marvel Studios' Moon Knight is streaming on Disney+.

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