Chris Evans Faces Mockery from OG Avengers Following 'Sexiest Man' Win

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

The "Sexiest Man Alive" title has long eluded Chris Evans' list of accolades but this year, the Captain America actor finally got recognized by PEOPLE. Naturally, the 41-year-old star's family and supporters were very thrilled about his brag-worthy accomplishment. However, it turns out that his Avengers co-stars weren't that impressed with the former Star-Spangled Man's new moniker.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth recently paid Jimmy Kimmel Live! a visit to promote his new Disney+ series Limitless with Chris Hemsworth. According to the Australian actor, who was hailed "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2014, their OG 6 group chat was filled with snarky comments from Robert Downey Jr. and Jeremy Renner who mocked Chris when they learned about his win.

Hemsworth hilariously shares: "We have an Avengers text chain and it very quickly went, 'What are you doing with your hands back there?' Downey said he was being arrested, I said beautiful mugshot, and then Jeremy Renner said a series of things which we won’t repeat."

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Well, it's great to know that the Avengers group chat is still active years after the Original Six last appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe together. It just goes to show how their bond has remained extremely tight even when they no longer share projects as a collective.

Meanwhile, Evans is heavily rumored to be making his return to the billion-dollar franchise in the upcoming Captain America film starring Anthony Mackie. While the actor and Marvel Studios have denied inking a renewed deal, it seems like Steve Rogers' return just became a possibility with all the multiversal shenanigans going on in the MCU.

Captain America: New World Order hits theaters on May 3, 2024.

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