Chewbacca's Reason For Staying With Han Revealed In Solo: A Star Wars Story Novel

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We already know that Han Solo and Chewbacca have the purest friendship in the Star Wars Universe, and it all began in a pit in the planet Mimban. Interestingly, the soon-to-be-released novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story expands on the relationship and reveals why Chewie choose to stick with Han all this time.

In Solo, Han and Chewie were tasked with taking the coaxium from the mine in Kessel. The two parted ways as Chewbacca helped enslaved Wookiees during the revolt. However, Chewie later returns to help Han escape with the coaxium instead of joining the Wookiees as they returned home to Kashyyyk. It's an awesome scene that gets even better in Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition as author Mur Lafferty explains to why Chewbacca opted to stay with Han.

"He chooses to stay with Han, so I thought it was important to explore that a little bit more why he did. Han had no family at all. And he didn't even understand the concept of it, really, and I think that's why Chewie wanted to be there for him."

It's a wonderful detail that was easily missed because of all the action. Nevertheless, I'm happy to know that Chewie wanted to help Han although he initially tried to eat him in that muddy Mimban pit.

Speaking of Mimban mud, Expanded Edition also features a hilarious scene where Chewie completely destroys Lando's shower in the Falcon by trying to get clean.

The novel will be available starting September 4. The Solo: A Star Wars Story DVD and Blu-ray will be released on September 25.

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