14 Nov 2018 10:49 AM +00:00 UTC

Check Out These Awesome-Looking Models from Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is quickly getting momentum, thanks to the surprisingly decent first trailer and some great-looking Pokemon that look semi-realistic. Though some fans haven't liked these models, most of the world have praised the new looks of these creatures and it still looks a lot better than what we had originally thought. We now have an even better look at these quote on quote "realistic" Pokemon, including our first look at Snubbull.

Every Pokemon seen here, aside from Snubbull, has appeared in the trailer. Pikachu, Psyduck, Charizard, and Greninja all look great, though most of them look better in the video. How these Pokemon managed to look as good as they did continues to surprise us and it will be fun seeing Snubbull soon.

Most of us are expecting more Pokemon to appear in this movie and we will probably get them, though the story should take priority. I doubt we'll be seeing the thousand or so Pokemon that have already been made, so the few monsters that will be appearing should be fun to see. Hopefully, we get to see them display their abilities in battle.


Detective Pikachu will have the titular character team up with a young man named Tim so that he can find his father. The trailer has also hinted at a few more missing characters, including a Charmander. The two will be joined by a young woman and her Psyduck, as they try and find an answer to this mystery.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu comes out on May 11, 2019.


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