Check Out the Winners of LEGO Ideas’ Star Wars Competition ‘The Greatest Battles Built By You!’

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It's no mystery that LEGO enthusiasts go past the kits and start building things by themselves, and LEGO Ideas had this neat contest called The Greatest Battles Built by You! which challenged builders to recreate their favorite scenes in Star Wars. Check out the winners:

Out if 600 entries, these three managed to make it to the top of the list with the Phantom Menace Diorama being the top winner. You may not see it in the post, but the back has the space battle with a mini Trade Federation ship surrounded by Naboo and droid fighters as well.


It's interesting that these smaller scale dioramas should win as the other entries in the contest have a much larger scale. You get expansive sets on several scenes from the saga including the Battle of Hoth to the Battle of Endor, but I guess there are also smaller scenes like Ben Kenobi vs. Vader or the bridge scene with Kylo Ren and Han from The Force Awakens.

You can check out all the other entries here.

For now, LEGO Ideas has a lot of other contests planned with franchises like Jurassic World and The Flintstones. It's also said that the judges are currently in the middle of a Stranger Things contest as well.

These things sure are fun, and I bet they can be the basis for official sets in the future. We don't know if anything will come from these winners, but I imagine LEGO would like to release these things as legit kits at one point. I know I'd love to build them.

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