27 Feb 2019 12:39 PM +00:00 UTC

Check Out the Costumes for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Disney is making good use of their Star Wars license and is set to open a Star Wars themed expansion in Disneyland called Galaxy's Edge. The park promises to be a fully immersive experience, and we have a look at the costumes that the park workers will be wearing to give us a great feel of the place.

Check them out:


It seems that the park will be taking place in the sequel era as the uniforms we see here are for the First Order. The Resistance doesn't really have uniforms, so you can say that their outfits can actually pass for Rebel soldiers if they wanted. Besides these officers and soldiers, I'm also sure some First Order stormtroopers will be walking around; I'd be amazed if they actually took the time to make some alien costumes.

With Star Wars now having three distinct eras, I'm curious if Galaxy's Edge is planning on having different eras for specific days. Maybe the sequel trilogy is the standard, but I'd also love it if for a few months we got people walking around in original trilogy costumes. How about a prequel month where they'll have clone troopers and Jedi knights walking around?

While it's a big year for Star Wars in movies and TV, a lot of people have their eyes set on this theme park. A lot of great rides have been getting teased, and I personally just want to walk inside the Millennium Falcon. I wouldn't need anything else.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge comes to Disneyland this Fall.

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