Check Out How Weta Workshop Made Ghost In The Shell's Camo Suit

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Scarlett Johansson will be donning Major Kusanagi’s iconic camo suit from Ghost in the Shell in the live-action adaptation, and it turns out that a lot of work was put into the costume to make it more flexible and functional. Adam Savage’s Tested takes goes to Weta Workshop and takes a closer look at how the suit was made how it’s set apart from other skin-tight outfits.


As it turns out, the Major’s “Thermoptic Suit” is the first costume to be molded entirely out of silicon. Flo Foxworthy, who was the project lead on the costume, said that they needed a different consistency for the outfit, and magnets are even used to bring some of the pieces together.

Fans who saw the original anime will remember that the Major Kusanagi’s suit was so thin that it almost made her look naked during missions. Some die-hard GitS fans may not like the live-action suit so much, but it’s a fine piece of craftsmanship nonetheless.

A lot of work is going into the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie, and I hope that it does well despite all the “whitewashing” controversies. Tested even had a previous episode which covered all the robo-geisha costumes and how they function. It’s pretty cool stuff.


Ghost in the Shell hits theaters March 31.

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