Check Out Alternate Cover for Deadpool 2's Blu-Ray Release

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Deadpool 2 arrives on Blu-Ray today, and just like with its anything goes marketing, the covers also have some fun alternate version. DP creator Rob Liefeld asked some fans who picked up the Blu-Ray to share their covers online, and user @leorabelo gave us a look at this fun cover.

The cover brings back the animated DP from the end credits of the first movie, and it also gives us drawn versions of Domino and Cable. I also think it's cool how they were able to keep the cover only three colores: black, red, and white, with the white being used cleverly on Domino's eye, Cable's arm, and DP's eyes.

Here's what the rest of the set looks like:

click to enlarge

And here's the alternate cover featuring the actual actors. It also comes with this neat kids' book:

Deadpool 2 was a huge success in the box office, and now Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the team are gearing up for an appearance in X-Force. That film has Drew Goddard attached to direct, but I expect some things to change once the Disney/Fox acquisition is finalized.

Deadpool 2 is now available on digital and Blu-Ray/4K.

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