Chaos Walking Director Explains Why Tom Holland Film Needed Reshoots

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Are you still waiting for the release of Chaos Walking? The last we heard, the Tom Holland film has been deemed "unreleasable" and might not even get a theatrical run despite the extensive reshoots to fix it. However, director Doug Liman seems hopeful about the highly anticipated Daisy Ridley flick. Liman has just offered some details on what needed to be fixed.

Liman recently spoke to Collider where he confirmed that production on Chaos Walking is "pretty much done" and admitted that it was "the most creatively challenging film" he has worked on since he wanted to avoid tropes.

"One of the things you discover, when you veer off into not doing the tropes, is why those tropes exist. They just work, even if they're predictable," Liman said. "And I'm interested, in all of my projects, including Chaos Walking, in finding alternative ways to deliver mainstream audience satisfaction, but not in the predictable way, and that's just challenging to do."

Interestingly, Chaos Walking isn't the only movie that Liman worked on that underwent several reshoots for the sake of avoiding tropes.

"Many of my films, I've actually gone back in and shot things, especially from the third act, because I'm intentionally not doing the obvious," he said.

So what can fans expect about the movie's ending? For one, Liman claims that it won't have the "woman in jeopardy" (WIJ) trope where a female character is kidnapped, forcing the protagonist to save her. "You can be sure there's no WIJ in Chaos Walking," he assured, possibly referring to Ridley's character.

For now, the wait continues for Chaos Walking, which has yet to be given an official release date. Nevertheless, we are keeping our fingers crossed in hopes that an announcement will be made before the end of the year.

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