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Chainsaw Man's Kobeni Trends Online After First Look in New Trailer

Chainsaw Man Kobeni

MAPPA’s recent stage event revealed lots of new info, including new members of the cast, as well as a look at some of the other characters. Among these Chainsaw Man characters is Kobeni, who trended online following her appearance in the trailer.

As a fan favorite from the manga, it should come as no surprise for fans of the series that Kobeni grabbed the fanbase’s attention shortly after the trailer was released, with lots of tweets being shared about her.

Here’s a sample of how fans reacted to her appearance:

While most of the attention in the trailer was on the main players such as Denji and Power, Kobeni got the spotlight in certain parts, showing her being stressed and flipping out over the dangers that the Devil Hunters face.

As fans love to watch her suffering, many were delighted by the short Kobeni clips.

Fans also reacted positively to her voice based on some short lines in the trailer.

For the anime, Kobeni is voiced by Karin Takahashi, a voice actress who is known for playing Suika in Doctor Stone and Miriam Hildegard von Gropius in Assault Lily: Bouquet.

If you haven’t read the manga and are wondering why Kobeni is so popular, here’s a quick explanation without spoiling the story.

In Chainsaw Man, Kobeni is a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, and she is known for her cowardly and panicky nature.

Because of this, Kobeni is often on the verge of a breakdown during the series’ events. Despite this, Kobeni is still a capable Devil Hunter.

Aside from appearing in the trailer, Kobeni was also shown in the new series of character designs.

Here, she can be seen in her Public Safety suit while doing her signature double peace sign pose.

Fans have also noticed that Kobeni has brown hair in the anime. Prior to this reveal, most fans believed that she had black hair. Though the reaction was still positive as fans like her look in the anime overall.

Chainsaw Man is a manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from December 2018 to December 2020. The series continued with Part 2 which is currently serialized in Jump+.

The upcoming TV anime is made by MAPPA and will premiere this October. It is confirmed to have 12 episodes, with each episode having a unique ending song and animation.

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