Chainsaw Man Is Reportedly Getting a Movie and Another Season

Chainsaw Man Movie Makima

Chainsaw Man Movie Makima

As fans eagerly await news on a second season, it seems that Chainsaw Man fans will be treated to more than just Season 2. Recently, leaks have surfaced online that claim a Chainsaw Man movie and a new anime season are in the works.

These leaks come from Weibo and have been picked up by several notable Western anime leakers.

While these are not yet confirmed, many claim that these reports are accurate.

If a movie is indeed in the pipeline, many believe that the Bomb Girl arc will be adapted into the film.

Chainsaw Man Movie Is Reportedly in the Works, Possibly Adapting the Bomb Girl Arc

It’s fair to say that Chainsaw Man was one of the biggest shows of 2022.

While its Blu-ray sales have left a lot to be desired, MAPPA declared the show a financial success. This should mean a follow-up is coming soon.

At the end of Season 1’s final episode, a post-credits scene was shown teasing Reze, the next major character that will appear in the anime.

While this pointed at plans for a new anime, MAPPA has continued to be silent about a sequel.

While many are hoping for a second season, some fans theorized that a movie will better suit the Bomb Girl arc, similar to what Demon Slayer did with the Mugen Train arc.

This is because, in terms of length, the Bomb Girl arc is too short to be its own season. It also likely won’t fit along with the International Assassins arc in a standard one-cour season.

Because of this, coupled with the new reports of a movie being in the works, fans now believe that the movie will feature Reze.

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Chainsaw Man Season 2 Also Reportedly Coming Soon

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Aside from the movie, recent leaks also mentioned that MAPPA is also working on a second season for Chainsaw Man.

If the Bomb Girl arc is indeed turned into a movie, the expectation is that the final three arcs of the manga's first part will be adapted there. Thus, the entire first part of Chainsaw Man will be complete.

Of course, these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. While there have been accurate Chainsaw Man manga leaks from Weibo before, only an official announcement will clear things up.

Still, the fact that there’s been a lot of discussions about this new leak shows just how excited fans are for a new Chainsaw Man anime project.

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