Chainsaw Man Part 2 Reveals A New Character in Preview Poster

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All eyes are on the return of one of the biggest maga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto as Chainsaw Man Part 2 comes back with a new character on board. While still unnamed, the mysterious woman is sure to play a huge role in the story.

In a report from Shonen Jump News, a new poster of Chainsaw Man Part 2 reveals an unknown character, a young woman wearing what seems to be a school uniform and her dark hair is tied up nicely. Behind her is a beheaded chicken with a bowtie. The woman also holds a chainsaw.

The young woman appeared in the second advertisement of the Chainsaw Man Part 2 which means that she is set to play a huge role in Fujimoto's manga series.

Fans believe that this young woman already appeared in the series and that she is somehow connected to Aki while some think that she is an entirely new character who will be main player in the story.

The comeback of Chainsaw Man Part 2 has been much anticipated as it brings to the table something new for the series. Meanwhile, the anime adaptation of the show is about to arrive this year as well.

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Chainsaw Man follows Denji, a youngster who has to carry the burden of paying off the debt left by his father who died and without any money to spare. In a world full of evil coming from human fears, Denji proceeds to become a devil hunter with the aid of his devil-dog, Pochita, who died after a job went wrong.

Pochita contacts Denji offering to be his new heart and Denji becomes a human-devil hybrid known as “Chainsaw Man.”


Chainsaw Man Part 2 will be arriving on Shonen Jump on July 13, 2022.

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