Chainsaw Man's Four Horsemen Are Weirdly Obsessed With Plain Bread

Chainsaw Man Plain Bread Yoru
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

Chainsaw Man Plain Bread Yoru
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

The new Chainsaw Man chapter is out, and fans are loving it. Aside from the Asa x Denji ship coming alive again, Chainsaw Man fans noticed that the Four Horsemen seem to have a certain fondness for plain bread.

Upon the chapter’s release, many fans noted that plain bread seems to be the food of choice for the Four Horsemen – well, at least for most of them, that is.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 135 in this article.

Chainsaw Man Fans Are Loving the Latest Manga Chapter

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Before fans zeroed in on the food choice of the Horsemen, the chapter shifting back to Asa and Yoru drove a lot of the discussions.

In the chapter’s opening parts, the two are shown arguing about what to do next. As Yoru eats plain sliced bread, Fami suddenly appears before them.

Once the shock wears off though, Fami reveals that she wants Asa and Yoru to help the Chainsaw Man Church.

This is because, while Asa and Yoru’s feelings for Chainsaw Man couldn’t be further apart, their goals are actually aligned.

Aside from the interesting plot developments which see Asa become a powerful Devil Hunter, what fans loved about the chapter is that it revived the Asa x Denji ship that has laid low over the last couple of chapters.

This is because it was revealed that Asa developed feelings for Chainsaw Man. Yoru found out about this through a hilarious poem that Asa thought of.

Following plenty of discussions about the ship, fans are now focusing on the Four Horsemen and their love for plain bread, as shown in a new Reddit thread that got a lot of comments.

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Fans Are Wondering Why the Four Horsemen Love Plain Bread So Much

To start, Makima was shown in Part 1 to enjoy plain bread. Then in Part 1’s final chapter, Nayuta is revealed to also like plain sliced bread.

Then in the latest chapter, Yoru is shown to eat only plain bread; a fact that Fami noted when she suddenly appeared.

From the looks of it, Fami is the only exception as she ate bread with jam.

But unlike the others, she quickly devoured everything and immediately looked for seconds. This makes sense given that Fami is the Famine Devil.

Fans noted that their preference for bread (aside from Fami) was in contrast to Denji, who was shown early in the series to put all kinds of jams in his toast.

There’s no clear reason for this, but unsurprisingly, Chainsaw Man fans already have lots of theories.

As for what happens next in the story, fans won’t need to theorize for long as Chainsaw Man Chapter 136 will be released next week.

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