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Chainsaw Man Fans Are Disappointed by Episode 7’s Vomit Scene Censorship

Chainsaw Man Vomit Censorship Denji

The latest Chainsaw Man episode was one to remember as it finally animated one of the manga’s most iconic moments. Though it seems some fans are disappointed with Chainsaw Man Episode 7’s vomit scene censorship.

While not violent, the infamous barfing scene was disgusting, enough that the anime censored the actual vomit.

And while some are thankful for this, some of the more hardcore fans wanted to see the uncensored version.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Recap

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If you blocked out that scene from your mind, here’s a refresher on what happened.

The episode opened with Denji taking on the Eternity Devil, whom he defeated thanks to his sheer tenacity.

Soon, everyone in the devil hunter group was able to get out of the hotel alive.

After that, Himeno decides to invite everyone for some food and drinks to celebrate.

Among those at the celebratory dinner are all the devil hunters in the hotel mission, and they are joined by others in Public Safety.

Even Makima joined the gathering to the surprise of everyone.

Denji reminded Himeno of the French kiss that she promised him before entering the hotel.

In response, Himeno promised to give him a juicy one after she downed some drinks.

As the night went on, Himeno drunkenly gave Denji a big kiss. But it’s not what Denji dreamed of as Himeno started to puke in his mouth.

Because of his reflex, Denji swallows the vomit, traumatizing him.

Due to this disgusting turn of events, even Himeno VA Mariya Ise jokingly shared that she’s sorry to Denji for what happened.

Fan Reactions to Episode 7 Vomit Scene Censorship

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Many fans have praised Chainsaw Man for not censoring the gore in the numerous bloody fight scenes, but it seems MAPPA has drawn the line when it came to the vomit scene.

On Twitter and Reddit, some fans expressed their disappointment about how the scene was censored, especially considering the manga was quite graphic in its depiction.

Of course, there are likely some of these fans who are joking about their disappointment. Though it’s likely some want to see the scene in its full glory.

On the flip side, others are thankful for censorship in this case, especially those who chose to eat a meal while watching the episode.

If you’re one of those who want to see an uncensored version, you might have to wait for the anime’s Blu-ray and DVD releases.

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