Chainsaw Man Fans are Losing it Over Adorable Pochita Debut

The premiere episode of Chainsaw Man is finally here and people are loving the new anime as it didn't waste time in getting straight into the nitty gritty of Denji's life. However, the protagonist isn't the only one that fans are talking about. Episode 1 introduced us to the adorable Pochita and the little Chainsaw Devil has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide!

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 introduced Denji, a young man who has been paying off the debts of his dead father. Denji struggles to make money by cutting trees and selling some of his own body parts. He also works as a devil hunter for an old man and Denji manages to do this with the help of a little Chainsaw Devil called Pochita.

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The episode also reveals how Denji met Pochita as a child. While Denji is visiting his father's grave, an injured Pochita approached him. Realizing that the devil could heal itself by drinking blood, Denji offers his arm to Pochita and says they now have a contract where the devil will help him survive.

It is clear that Pochita has grown loyal to Denji after all their years together and fans are loving how the little Chainsaw Devil simply adores his friend.

Sadly, both Denji and Pochita are killed by the Zombie Devil before the episode concludes. However, this doesn't mean the end for the two. Pochita is revived when Denji's blood gets into the devil's mouth. Pochita then resurrects Denji after they agree that the devil will give Denji his heart in exchange for seeing Denji's dreams. The result of their union is Chainsaw Man, who then kills the Zombie Devil and his zombies.

The second episode of Chainsaw Man is set to premiere on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

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