Chainsaw Man Director Addresses Anime’s CGI Scenes in New Interview

Chainsaw Man CGI Denji

Chainsaw Man CGI Denji

Ahead of the show’s finale, a new interview with Chainsaw Man anime director Ryu Nakayama saw him address the show’s CGI and why they were used in some scenes instead of 2D animation.

While Chainsaw Man has been praised by many fans, it has not escaped criticism.

Some fans dislike the show’s CGI animation, especially in some fight scenes, as they deem it unnatural or just straight-up bad.

Chainsaw Man 3DCG Scene Reactions

chainsaw man denji
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3DCG animation is not new in anime. In fact, it has been used in many shows over the past couple of years.

The use of CG is especially prevalent in anime with a lot of action. There are even some TV anime that are entirely CGI-animated.

While many shows use CGI to great effect such as Demon Slayer, 3DCG often gets a bad rap from anime fans.

There are even some fans who are critical of any show that uses CG, preferring that shows purely use 2D animation.

A common point of criticism in CGI is that it can look unnatural, especially compared to how fluid and good 2D animation is.

Chainsaw Man has seen quite a bit of criticism in this regard, with there being complaints about Denji’s movement in certain episodes.

Some are also critical of CGI as it is believed to be a “cheap” technique. Though in the new interview with Nakayama, he said that this is not the case.

CGI animation isn’t cheaper to use than 2D animation. In fact, there are even times when it can be quite costly.

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CSM Director Ryu Nakayama Explains CGI Use

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Nakayama specifically mentioned in the interview how CG was used in certain parts of Chainsaw Man depending on the needs of each scene.

For instance, in scenes where the camera angle needs to go rapidly from the front of the character to the back, CGI is the best tool to use as it will be incredibly difficult to use 2D animation for it.

Another way that the anime uses CGI is in Denji’s hybrid form. When transformed, Denji has lots of wires and elements, along with a rotating chainsaw that is next to impossible for animators to draw by hand when in movement.

In these cases, Nakayama decided that CG animation is the best tool to depict the scene in the best way.

Essentially, CG animation was not used to save costs. Rather, it was used depending on the needs of each scene.

The Chainsaw Man anime will end with Episode 12 which will release later today.

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