Cats: Idris Elba Describes a Day in 'Cat School'

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Tom Hooper's Cats movie is filled to the brim with stars, and one of them is future Suicide Squad lead Idris Elba. Apparently the actors in the film had to go to an extensive ‘cat school' to learn how to move like a cat, and Elba talks a bit about how a day in the workshop goes.

Talking to Variety, Elba explains, "You start at 8 am, you walk in and get on your knees. For at least seven minutes you prowl around, nuzzling each other, smelling each other, rolling around and doing what you think cats do."

I have to say, though a lot of people are hating on this movie, I kind of "get" what the movie is going for. While everyone celebrates the costumes that have come out on Broadway, Hooper tries something different by giving us Cats that could only exist in the realm of cinema. When you look at the trailers, you can also feel that the way the actors move around as cats are realistic to that of actual cats, and you wouldn't be able to tell they were people at first glance.


Then again, maybe that's just me trying to be overly optimistic. I guess I feel for all the people who worked hard to make the film happen, only to have a terrible reception from the online community. Too bad it's too late to change things, like what they were able to do with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Catch Cats now in theaters.

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