Cate Blanchett Teases Hela's Return In Possible Thanos Team Up

There is little doubt that Hela is one of those powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe characters who could take on Thanos. After all, she is the Goddess of Death. But what could happen if Cate Blanchett's character decides to team up with the Mad Titan?

The Thor: Ragnarok star addressed the possibility of Hela's comeback in future MCU films. Blanchett initially told Fandom that her character is "pretty dead" but added that "there's always a way back."

"Sure, I never say no to anything," the actress admitted. Blanchett even stated that a team up with Thanos "would be good" considering how their costumes could be molded into one.

A possible collaboration between Hela and Thanos could be bad news for the good guys so Blanchett suggested that her character could "turn nice" in the future. Would Hela reconcile with Thor in time for Avengers 4? "Maybe," she said.

Although it is highly unlikely that Hela would have a change of heart anytime soon, the idea is a welcome one to fans who are hoping she could do something about the characters who were killed off in Avengers: Infinity War. Would the Goddess of Death consider reviving Loki for the MCU? We'll have to wait until Blanchett is called in to reprise her iconic role.

Certain scenes for Avengers 4 are currently being reshot so some people are hoping that Blanchett will be one of the actors who will be asked to work on the movie. However, there have been no reports of the actress filming for the sequel.

Blanchett will appear alongside Jack Black in the live-action adaptation of The House with a Clock in Its Walls which will premiere on September 21.

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