Avengers: Infinity War Theory Suggests Odin Could Have Stopped Thanos

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There is no shortage of theories on how Thanos could have been stopped in Avengers: Infinity War. However, there is one theory that suggests the Mad Titan was only able to make his move because of Odin's disappearance.

The Infinity War theory, which was posted on Instagram, surmises that Thanos didn't attack the Avengers because three powerful beings were still alive. The characters listed were Star-Lord's father Ego, Doctor Strange's mentor The Ancient One, and Thor's father Odin. Check it out below.

The possibility of Ego or The Ancient One actually dealing any damage on the Mad Titan doesn't hold well. However, Odin has great potential in keeping Thanos from snapping his fingers and decimating half of the universe. Anthony Hopkins' character was always watching out for any outside threats and even made a point of separating the Space Stone from the Reality Stone. In addition to that, he may have sacrificed himself to bring back Hela, who could easily take on Thanos.


Comic book fans are already aware of the connection between the Goddess of Death and the Mad Titan although this relationship did not make it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nevertheless, some believe Odin accepted his death and risked Ragnarok so that Hela would be released to battle Thanos.

Unfortunately, we will not know if Cate Blanchett will even reprise the role in Avengers 4. For now, we can only hope that the Avengers will figure out a way to change what happened in InfinityWar.

Thanos will return in the still untitled Avenger 4, which is scheduled for release on May 3, 2019.

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