07 Mar 2019 11:02 AM +00:00 UTC

Captain Marvel’s Future In The MCU Reportedly In Doubt With An Unhappy Avengers Cast

Captain Marvel might be one of the most highly anticipated films of the year, but a new rumor is making the rounds online claiming that certain members of the Avengers cast are unhappy that Brie Larson is going to be made the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from here on out.

According to Cosmic Book News, one particular actress in the MCU (who's been hinted at being Scarlett Witch star Elizabeth Olsen) feels that older Avengers stars are being pushed aside and being treated differently because of Larson.

Not only that, but YouTube channel Film Gob claims that Marvel is worried about the performance of Captain Marvel. The channel further claims that Disney CEO Bob Iger is currently unhappy with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and the direction of Captain Marvel. Apparently "there is now an uncertainty about Captain Marvel's future in the MCU" with rumors saying that the character could get killed off much earlier than Larson's Marvel contract because of a potential fallout with the higher-ups.


Of course, fans ought to take this report with a large grain of salt (a chunk of salt rather) – it's highly unlikely that Marvel would pull the plug on Carol Danvers after hyping her up as one of the new leaders of the MCU.

Still, this rumor could very well have some sort of basis. Not only is there an ongoing controversy surrounding Captain Marvel, but the Washington Post also confirmed that the film has been creating a PR nightmare for Marvel and for Disney after Larson and Samuel L. Jackson made politically correct comments about white dudes.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel is suffering a poor critic score on Metacritic, dipping down to 65% with mixed reviewers looking for something "stronger, faster, further" than what the film delivered. The film's Rotten Tomatoes score which began at 91% also took a dip down to 83% with top critics filing the film under "average" instead of "marvelous."

Hopefully, Captain Marvel proves everyone wrong when it premieres on March 8, 2019.

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