20 Dec 2019 4:25 PM +00:00 UTC

Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson Suddenly Becomes Viral on Twitter

Brie Larson's had quite a year as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's strongest Avenger, and now, it looks like the Captain Marvel star is making waves on social media again, this time for guest-hosting on the late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Taking notice of Larson's radiant appearance, demeanor, and dress on Jimmy Kimmel Live, fans couldn't help but take to social media to talk about the MCU's Captain Marvel. During her appearance on the show, Larson joked about getting to see what Carol Danvers would look like if the hero were an old man chain-smoking in a wig, and according to the actress, "it's still kind of hot."

Check out some of the things that fans have been saying about Larson on Twitter:


Larson was brought in to guest-host Jimmy Kimmel Live while Jimmy was out hosting his "Live in Front of Studio Audience: All in the Family & Good Times," special. During her appearance, the Academy Award-winning actress got to talk about Captain Marvel and her achievements this year.

"And tonight, I am getting eight hundred bucks and a plate of hummus," she joked. "It was a huge honor to be the first woman to ever headline her own Marvel movie. To break that ceiling, but there are so many other great female superheroes like Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Nancy Pelosi... Yeah! We are unstoppable!"

Larson has always been about female empowerment, so it doesn't come as a surprise that the Captain Marvel star would come out and support other strong women in the comic book movie industry as well as in politics.

We definitely can't wait to see Marvel continue with Phase 4 of the MCU when it premieres Black Widow on May 1, 2020.

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