Captain Marvel Almost Had a More Comic Book-Accurate Look for Ronan

Captain Marvel is still a pretty divisive movie, mostly because Brie Larson isn't shy about being a feminist, even if it annoys some sexists. Still, it was a bit better than most people gave it credit for, making good money and setting up some interesting cosmic-based stories. Many fans were excited to see a pre-Guardians of the Galaxy Ronan since he was a bit two-dimensional in that movie.

Though we didn't see much of him in Carol Danvers' solo flick, it turns out that we almost saw him in a more Jack Kirby-like manner. On Instagram, artist Aleksi Briclot revealed a very early character design for Ronan in Captain Marvel, which was still a modern look at the villain but is clearly inspired by his classic Jack Kirby look.

As Briclot puts it, he looked at how Ronan looked in Guardians of the Galaxy but also wanted to add a flare of Kirby in there. He did his best to balance the original comic book cheesiness with a modern aesthetic and it's something we would have liked to have seen in Captain Marvel. This is one for the vault but it's still a really neat look and one that could always come back in comic book form.

If you're curious about Captain Marvel, consider giving it a look at Disney+ or purchasing it digitally. While far from the best Marvel Studios film out there, it does have a number of bright spots that tend to get buried from a lot of irrational hate. The film is available now on the platforms mentioned above.

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