Marvel Reveals Captain Marvel Killing an Infinity Stone Host

Captain Marvel might be a straight-laced hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it seems like Carol Danvers has been taking some dark turns in Marvel comics.

Not only has Captain Marvel been killing Avengers in the current Captain Marvel run, but she's also been revealed to be working for Vox. Now, Star #4 reveals another major death at the hands of Carol Danvers – the death of Reality Stone host, Star (via Comic Book Resources).

The fourth issue of Star opens with Ripley Ryan/Star and Carol Danvers in battle mid-air. Captain Marvel tells Star that the fight isn't going to end well for her and Star tells the Avenger that whatever happens couldn't be any worse than when Carol killed her. To those who haven't been following the comics, this is in reference to the heroes fight in Captain Marvel #11.

In the comic, Ripley Ryan turns against Carol Danvers despite the fact that she was saved by Captain Marvel. Pretending to be an ally to the hero, Ripley Ryan tries to siphon Carol's powers. The two end up in a major confrontation in Captain Marvel #11. Carol wins the fight and imprisons Star in the Raft, a maximum-security jail for super-criminals.

In Star #4, we get to see a flashback sequence where Star finds herself screaming, waking up in a body bag. A physician confirms to Star that she had died from the chest-wound caused by Captain Marvel. Luckily, the Reality Stone saved Ripley's life that day.

While we're not sure how Star and Captain Marvel will continue, it certainly seems like Marvel is making Captain Marvel go down a Dark Path in the comics.

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