Captain Marvel 2 To Start Filming Next Week

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Captain Marvel 2 is one of the highly-anticipated Marvel films to grace the screens in the rebuilding stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Phase Four, and reportedly, the film will start shooting next week in New Jersey for aerial shots, but the actors won't start filming until the end of May.

Captain Marvel 2 To Start Filming Next Week
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Credit: Marvel Studios

What will be shot next week will reportedly be various establishing shots which the film will use to give the viewers the feel of when and where the film is taking place. This means that the shoot next week will not be involving the actors as the crew is just getting started, especially now with the inclusion of an Oscar-Nominated cinematographer, Sean Bobbitt of Judas and the Black Messiah.


Brie Larson, the actress portraying the titular role of Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers is currently under physical training to prepare for her role in the upcoming film that would be pivotal for the future of the MCU. She will be joined by Monica Rambeau of Teyonah Parris who had her MCU debut in the recently concluded WandaVision, and by an MCU newcomer, Iman Vellani who will be playing Kamala Khan/ Ms. Marvel.

The shoot of New Jersey next week hints a how Kamala Khan will be introduced in the MCU as it is her home. Kamala is set to be a big fan of Captain Marvel and this film is expected to give her the team up with Carol Danvers.

The plot of Captain Marvel 2 is still in the shadows and its working title isn't really giving that much hint to where the film would be going. Its working title is "Goat Rodeo" which, kind of, doesn't make sense and these titles are rarely indicative of what the film's plot would be. The only hint that could be squeezed out of this is that it is slang for "chaotic event," probably something so big that Captain Marvel has to sort it out.

It is speculated that the film will delve into one of the story arcs in the comics, the "Secret Invasion," where Skrulls replace various people on Earth including some members of the Avengers, and possibly even Nicky Fury himself.

Captain Marvel 2 is scheduled for a theatrical release on November 11, 2022.

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