Captain America: Civil War Gag Reel Shows The Lighter Side of the Set

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The war between Team Cap and Team Iron Man may have let loose a lot of serious and sad feelings for a lot of people.

But these outtakes for the gag reel coming with the Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray version made room for a lot of laughs on set.


There’s Paul Bettany still elegantly messing up his lines—Scarlet Witch Elizabeth Olsen doesn’t even seem to believe he messed up the line the first time. The Cap Chris Evans adorably psyching himself up while in that fighter jet. Scarlett Johansson and Anthony Mackie each having a light moment during their fight and stunt scenes.

As usual, Robert Downey Jr. still delivers the best of the outtakes, whether he’s trying to get the guys to tense up or he’s leading the cast in some very gag reel-scenes.

The golden moment would have to that outtake during the very tense and intimate 2 versus 1 fight at the end. In the outtake video, we see Bucky lying there while The Cap and Iron Man duke it out—with their wiggling “dance” moves.




There aren’t any outtakes here during the main fight at the airport. So either there’s a lot more outtakes seen in the Blu-Ray or everyone really got their act on.

Captain America: Civil War will be out on digital HD on Sept. 2 and Blu-Ray on Sept. 13.

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