Captain America Actor Chris Evans is Launching a Bipartisan Political Website

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Chris Evans is pretty much done with his role as Captain America, but like it or not, that role is going to follow him even outside of the big screen. With Evans undoubtedly a public figure thanks to his Marvel days, he's decided to launch a bipartisan website called A Starting Point.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Evans tells PEOPLE, "It's not that I'm specifically drawn to politics. It's just when you look around, you try to figure out how can you help… You have to use your platform to do more than just retweet things."

The site will apparently be divided into three parts, Starting Points which is consisted of two-minute answers to frequently asked questions about elected officials; Daily Points which features politicians talking about things they want to address; and Counterpoints, which will have two officials with opposing viewpoints talking about one specific issue.

"There's a lot of things you can do as an actor with your name," said Evans. "I could be making booze — I don't discourage anyone from doing that, I love booze — but there's no denying that I played a certain character, and it just so happens to align with part of my nature in terms of being someone who is politically involved and who cares about the wellbeing of people in this country."

It's pretty great that Evans is doing something with the Captain America platform, and I think he can even affect more change now that Disney/Marvel isn't telling him what to do. This is also just me, but I think it's funny he would use ‘making booze' as an alternate hobby because that's exactly what Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds does.

You can check out Evans' app/website here.

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