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Captain America 4 Star Shares Excitement About Becoming Anthony Mackie's Replacement

Credit: Marvel Studios

It took us four phases for it to happen and finally, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already seeing a massive change in its landscape. So far, Phase Four's recurring theme has seemingly been all out a changing of the guard in the franchise, with several new characters being poised for great things in the coming years.

Captain America
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Credit: Marvel Studios

One of them is Joaquin Torres who made his official MCU debut in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Played by Top Gun: Maverick star Danny Ramirez, Torres is confirmed to be getting an upgraded role in the franchise and following his appearance at D23 Expo over the weekend, it's clear that the actor is ready to take flight as the next Falcon.

Speaking with ComicBook's Brandon Davis, Ramirez shared his excitement about Captain America: New World Order and how he thrilled he is to be coming back and this time around, with a new hero identity.

He said: "I'm excited, man. It's walking out there and everyone just loves him. To receive that love is just so unique of an experience. From independent to Captain America: New World Order, just walking out and just being called my name by Kevin [Feige] was nuts. It was crazy."

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With Bucky confirmed to be out of the picture to join the Thunderbolts, it's obvious that Sam Wilson will have to recruit a new ally and Torres is the perfect candidate for the role. The question is, with the former Winter Soldier aligning himself with the villainous government faction, how would this affect his relationship with the new Captain America?

Marvel Studios' Captain America: New World Order will begin filming next year.

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