Captain America 4 Leak Spoils Harrison Ford's Hideous Red Hulk Look

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

It took him a long while to be persuaded, but Harrison Ford has finally entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his first order of business is to serve as one of the villains for the upcoming flick Captain America: New World Order. In case you haven't heard yet, the Star Wars icon is taking over the Thunderbolt Ross character from the late William Hurt who passed away last year.

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Credit: Marvel

As it stands, very little is known about Ford's involvement in the Anthony Mackie-led film but according to the latest rumors, Ross will serve as the President of the United States and will finally transform into the Red Hulk. Speaking of Bruce Banner's crimson counterpart, it looks like the first look at the villain's design has been leaked online.

Twitter insider @greatphase15 shared what they claim to be an official concept artwork for General Ross' villainous alter-ego Red Hulk. While the source is relatively new to the game, fellow insider MyTimeToShineHello retweeted the image to support the rumor, and given her impressive track record when it comes to scoops, signs point to its legitimacy. Check it out here:

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If I'm being honest, there's something quite unsettling about the design and I've seen better takes from artists who do fan art on Instagram. Of course, it's most likely just an early design draft for the character so we're still hopeful Marvel will improve Red Hulk's design as we head towards Captain America 4's production this year.

Marvel Studios' Captain America: New World Order is slated for theatrical release on May 3, 2024.

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