Captain America 4: Harrison Ford Has No Idea What His Character Is

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

It's been a long time coming but Harrison Ford is finally heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The screen legend, best known for his roles in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises is set to make his long-awaited MCU debut in Captain America: Brave New World as General Thunderbolt Ross.

Taking over the iconic character from the late William Hurt, Ford is set to play a more significant role in the billion-dollar franchise, with the villain reportedly depicted as the new President of the United States in Earth-616.

Not only that, but rumors have been quite persistent that Captain America 4 will finally see Ross become the Red Hulk. If you'd ask the actor though, it doesn't look like he knows anything about the character, or at least not yet.

Harrison Ford Seemingly Has No Idea What His MCU Character Is: "What is a Red Hulk?"

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Speaking with ComicBook during a press junket for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Ford was asked about his upcoming MCU debut and the villain he will play.

When interviewer Jamie Jirak pointed out that fans noticed he was wearing ripped fans on the set of the fourth Captain America sequel, she immediately asked if Thunderbolt Ross will actually transform into the menacing Red Hulk to which he responded: "What is a Red Hulk?"

As the interviewer was explaining what the character is, Ford quickly looked at co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge and jokingly said: "Really? You knew it? Why didn't you tell me?"

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Of course, it's safe to assume that the actor is just trying his best to play coy about his character's potential transformation as the Hulk's crimson counterpart which is completely understandable, especially considering the level of secrecy Marvel Studios is notorious for.

One thing's for certain, Red Hulk's impending arrival could spell doom for Sam Wilson and anyone else who plans to foil his evil plans for America.

Captain America: Brave New World's release date has been pushed back from May 3, 2024, to July 26, 2024.

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