Captain America 4 Director Officially Confirms Anthony Mackie's Falcon Replacement

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

We've already talked about how The Falcon and the Winter Soldier served as a major changing of the guard in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Sam Wilson officially becoming the new Captain America. However, what some fans failed to realize is that it also set up a new hero in the franchise who is pretty much on the same boat as the former Falcon.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Of course, we're talking about Danny Ramirez's character Joaquin Torres who is one of Phase 4's fresh faces. Now, we can pretty much confirm that he'll be given an upgraded role in the MCU moving forward.

In an interview with Screen Rant, director Julius Onah officially confirmed that Ramirez's character will be Sam Wilson's Falcon successor. According to him, the dynamic between Wilson and Torres will be the film's emotional core.

He explains: "I’m thrilled, you know, Danny Ramirez, who’s playing Falcon, he and I go back a bit, so and Anthony’s somebody I’ve been a huge, huge fan of as well. So getting to work with them, first of all, director to actor, and then being able to shape these characters, and take the relationship forward is incredible."

He continued: 'And their relationship is one of my favorite ones in this movie it really helps form the emotional core of how Sam has to define himself as Captain America because he loves this guy. They are both soldiers, they’re brothers, and their journey, I think, is going to be something that really resonates with audiences."

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Of course, Torres becoming the new Falcon isn't all that surprising as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier already teased his upgraded role in a future project. Still, it's great to know that New World Order will see a brand new Cap-Falcon dynamic and Sam could totally use some reinforcement now that Bucky is apparently aligning himself with the Thunderbolts.

Captain America: New World Order will begin filming next year.

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