Can My Name Beat Squid Game On Netflix's Most-Watched Series?

Credit: Netflix Asia

Credit: Netflix Asia

K-dramas continue to dominate Netflix after Squid Game's success, and My Name has also stirred enough viewers so far like the other recent flicks.

The Korean TV industry quickly dominated the streaming giant and has made incredible feats so far this year. Squid Game, the only series that ever dethroned Brigerton so far, garnered 111 million unique households during its first month.

Although its record is hard to beat, another Korean series seemingly showed a positive trend on Netflix.

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My Name Receives Considerable Amount Of Views So Far

Can My Name Defeat Squid Game On Netflix's Most-Watched Series?
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On October 15, Han So-Hee-led Netflix original series arrived on the platform and immediately swept its most-watched list. The series follows the story of Yoon Ji-Woo, who joins a gang to give justice to his late father before eventually becoming an undercover with the police. As she continues to find out who really killed her father, more complicated things happen before her eyes.

Subscribers have been seeing the title on the website's top series, making everyone think it is on its way to become the next Squid Game. However, despite its popularity, My Name still has a lot to go through before reaching the peak of success.

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According to Flix Patrol, the series currently stands 6th on the most-watched Netflix Shows globally this week. During its debut on Friday, My Name immediately reached 4th place in the worldwide chart. Meanwhile, it scored first place in Korea; second in the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia; and third in Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

Despite the numbers, My Name still needs more if it wants to beat Squid Game. But for now, it can enjoy the title for being one of the hottest series as of the moment.

My Name Is A Whole New Revenge K-Drama

Can My Name Defeat Squid Game On Netflix's Most-Watched Series?
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Before My Name officially arrived on Netflix, director Kim Jin-Min explained the unique part the drama has to offer.

In a featurette released before its Netflix's arrival, My Name director explained how Han So Hee's character would offer a different revenge story compared to other dramas. According to director Kim Min Jin, having an actress play the lead role was new as the industry always assigns male characters in all revenge stories.

Having a female lead to tell the story of My Name is genuinely refreshing and empowering. With that, its creators and the viewers who already saw the series hope that everyone will see its beauty soon.

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