Can Meghan Markle Make Herself Cry?

Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle has been accused of making a fake cry during Queen Elizabeth's state funeral last year. Fans also question if her tears in their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan are real.

Many wonder if the Duchess of Sussex can make herself cry, which she previously admits in an interview.

Meghan Markle Admits to Doing Fake Crying

The former Suits star is seen wiping away her tears as her husband, Prince Harry, throws his head back in despair in their £88-million docuseries.

But knowing she's a former actress, some can't help but ask if her tears are real or if she just makes it up.

In her now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig, Meghan revealed she had honed her acting skills to the point that she could easily make fake tears in front of the camera in just three seconds.

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In a video, via The Sun, made in 2014 at Soho House in Toronto, someone behind the camera asked the 41-year-old if she could make herself cry.

"Oh, I can do that so well. Oh my God, it's crazy," she said.

"They're like Meghan, one tear, left eye, go!" she continued. "Give me three seconds."

Fans Question the Realness of Meghan Markle's Tears in Harry & Meghan

With this revelation, fans can't help but question the realness of Meghan's tears in
Harry & Meghan.

"Crocodile tears," North Warwick player Jack Barratt tweeted.

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"MM was/is an actress. Not a great one just passable, but she can make herself cry at the drop of a hat," royal fan Bernadette Sassen added.

"Always an actress…can chuck out tears," Susan Hoolachan wrote.

Shedding Artificial Tear at Queen Elizabeth's State Funeral

Fans also question the tears of Prince Harry's wife at Queen Elizabeth's state funeral.

Meghan was called out after being photographed crying with just one eye. That said, royal author Angela Levin accused her of just acting and pointing to her 2014 clip that revealed she could cry in seconds.

"Meghan managed an artificial tear or at least I think it was," she said on TalkTV, via Express.

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"She said the one thing she's learned is how to cry out of her left eye. Count to four she said to the person and watched me, and a tear came down. Not all actresses can make tears." she continued. "You hate this monarchy, you don't want to come, you don't want anything to do with it, and yet you're hanging on to the titles and arguing non-stop for titles with your children, why?"

Meghan has remained mum throughout all the allegations.

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