Campfire Cooking in Another World Shares Real-Life Ingredients Used in Show

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Campfire Cooking in Another World Brands Tsuyoshi Mukoda

While you won’t be able to recreate some of the show’s dishes that feature fantasy beast meat, you can do your best approximation. This is because Campfire Cooking in Another World recently shared the real-life ingredients and brands that are used in the anime.

This new show is MAPPA’s first isekai anime. But unlike other shows in the genre, this has a more comedic premise.


Specifically, the show’s main character has the “Online Supermarket” power which allows him to buy groceries from modern-day Japan that he can use in the fantasy world that he found himself in.

Campfire Cooking in Another World Brands

Campfire Cooking in Another World Mukoda

Most anime shows feature knockoffs or tweaked versions of real-life brands, possibly to avoid any copyright issues.

For example, The Devil Is a Part-Timer! sees the main character working in MgRonald's instead of McDonald’s.

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill is different as it shows real-life Japanese food brands.

This makes sense given that buying groceries is the key skill of the protagonist, Tsuyoshi Mukoda.


Specifically, Mukoda’s “Online Supermarket” skill allows him to shop at the AEON online market. The bottled water that he bought in Episode 1 is from Suntory, and the stir-fry sauce is from Ebara.

To show these brands, the anime partnered with several popular food brands.

Aside from the aforementioned brands, the anime also has partnerships with food giants such as Kraft Heinz, Lotte, Kagome, and more.

Product placement such as what the show does isn’t exactly common in TV anime.

Though it’s not to the detriment of the show as the story itself benefits from seeing these real-world brands.


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Campfire Cooking Ebara Sauce Highlights

Campfire Cooking in Another World Mukoda Fel

To go one step further, the show’s official website began listing the main food products that were used in each episode. Each product also has info on how they are best used.

First up, there’s the Ebara ginger sauce which was key for Mukoda to make the delicious meat dish in Episode 1.

Its real-life counterpart is made for easy preparation and cooking of shogayaki or ginger pork stir fry.

In Episode 2, Mukoda used another Ebara sauce, which is the Teriyaki sauce. This is another sauce that’s made for meat dishes.


Based on the page, it seems that the website will be updated upon the release of every new episode.

You should get to see more real-life brands in the next Campfire Cooking in Another World episode which releases next week.

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Source: Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill website