Burn the Witch #0.8 Anime Shares December Release Date in New Trailer

Burn the Witch #0.8 Release Ninny

Burn the Witch #0.8 Release Ninny

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With Thousand-Year Blood War on a break before its third cour, Bleach fans at least have an upcoming anime to look forward to. That’s because Burn the Witch #0.8 finally got a December 2023 release date announcement.

This anime special’s release was revealed via a new trailer that showed off more clips of Noel and Ninny in action.

Along with clips, the Burn the Witch trailer also revealed the anime’s new theme song by the same artist from the first anime film.

New Burn the Witch Trailer Reveals Theme Song

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Bleach has seen a renaissance in the last couple of years. After the anime’s initial run ended in 2012, the following years didn’t see much in the way of new animated projects.

That changed in 2020 as Tite Kubo’s Burn the Witch manga got an anime film adaptation. It might not strictly be part of the Bleach franchise, but its story is set in the same universe. It just follows different characters.

The previous anime film covered the manga’s first four chapters. This meant that the prologue one-shot titled Chapter 0.8 wasn’t covered in the movie.

Soon, this original one-shot will finally get the anime treatment with the upcoming release of the new special. You can check out the newly released trailer for it here:

For this new anime, the voice cast from the movie returns, including Asami Tano as Ninny Spangcole and Yuina Yamada as Noel Niihashi.

Also returning is NiL, the same artist behind the anime film’s theme song. In the #0.8 anime, NiL performs the theme song PROVE, which was previewed in the new trailer.

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Burn the Witch #0.8 Anime Reveals December Global Release Date

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Aside from the cast and theme song performer, the new Burn the Witch anime also brings back staff members and the studio from the film.

Specifically, director Tatsuro Kawano is back for this new anime special as he directs the staff at Studio Colorido.

There is a newcomer though, and that is Subaru Kimura (Aoi Todo in Jujutsu Kaisen) who joins the cast as Shelby.

Burn the Witch #0.8 will be released on December 29, 2023. For now, there’s no word yet on which platform it will be streamed on outside of Japan.

As the first Burn the Witch movie was streamed on Crunchyroll, it’s possible that the new anime special will be released on the same platform this December.

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