21 Feb 2019 3:00 PM +00:00 UTC

Bulma's Dragon Ball Super Voice Actress Speaks Out Against Vic Mignogna

It's been a rough time for anime fans now that allegations have risen against voice actor Vic Mignogna, who has voiced a number of iconic characters including Broly from Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Allegations were raised against the actor around the time Broly hit theaters, though some of these claimed that Mignogna's reputation for sexual harassment has been an open secret for years.

Now that Mignogna is gone from Funimation, a number of fans and voice actors have spoken for and against him. Monica Rial, the voice actress of Bulma in Dragon Ball Super and My Hero Academia's Froppy, is in the latter. Rial has released a lengthy statement against Mignogna and it's a hard read as the actress actually shares some of her personal experiences with Mignogna.

According to the post, Mignogna had forcibly kissed her and would often interact with Rial in fairly uncomfortable ways, like leaning toward her neck so much that he was practically kissing her while speaking. Though Rial had learned to forgive him at first, that all changed when he harassed other voice actors and con attendees.


Rial is also heartbroken that she has been the victim of online attacks, including by fans of Vic. It's clearly a sensitive manner for the actress and no one can blame her for being emotional, given the post above. She promises to spread positivity from now on and we can only hope that those trolls leave her alone.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly might still be showing in theaters.

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