BTS RM Sparks Dating Rumors With Chaebol Non-Celebrity

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS RM reportedly found the love of his life after having his last known relationship in high school.

K-pop agencies have been prohibiting their artists from dating as they believe it could affect the groups' sales and the amount of attention they could receive. But as BTS continues to be the number 1 K-pop boy group to date, its members have also been subject to shocking and damaging rumors.

Most recently, BTS leader RM sparked dating rumors after a controversial YouTuber alleged that he is dating a non-celebrity woman.

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Is BTS RM Already in a Relationship?

A few days before the new year, a YouTube channel claimed that RM is currently dating a chaebol – a Korean term that refers to a person whose family has a large business. The same channel falsely reported that Jungkook was dating Lee Yoo Bi and information about V's Lovestagram rumors.

Now, RM became its latest subject as it reportedly got evidence that he is dating a chaebol non-celebrity.

The YouTuber first shared a screenshot of RM's birthday post in September. It featured black and white photos of him and a message for ARMYs who greeted him on that day. The YouTuber noted that one of the photos proved that he was at the PKM galley at that time, where a female non-celebrity also went.

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The unnamed woman shared her own black and white photo alongside the caption "just the two of us."

The channel then shared photos of RM holding a never-before-seen poodle on his social media account, leading fans to ask who that dog is. It claimed that the poodle belongs to the same female non-celebrity.

On top of this, the YouTuber raised speculations that RM met the woman at hotels several times for dates. In one past social media post, the female non-celebrity uploaded a photo showing hands belonging to a male – and the channel alleged they were RM's hands.

Big Hit Music Responds To RM's Dating Rumors

Following the emergence of the news, Big Hit Music responded to the claims and set the records straight. A representative for the agency revealed on Friday that the dating buzzes are not true at all.

So far, RM has not commented on the matter yet, like how V previously responded to a dating rumor, as well. But fans speculated that the YouTuber only wanted to catch Big Hit's attention.

ARMYs now asked other people to stop spreading false claims about the members, especially now that they are still on vacation following years of non-stop working schedule.

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