BTS Proof: Here’s Why RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook Choose To Release An Anthology Album

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BTS recently dropped their anthology album Proof, featuring their hit songs, new tracks and unheard demo music.

Though many celebrate Proof’s release, some are disappointed not to see a set of new songs. However, fans now seem to understand why BTS chose to drop an anthology album.

The Possible Reasons Why BTS Releases Proof


According to Koreaboo, Proof is maybe the perfect way for the septet to put this era to an end and start a new one.

It’s also a technique to let the new ARMYs know how diverse and huge is BTS’s discography while giving long-time fans the chance to reminisce about their old songs.

J-Hope even seemed to confirm that the anthology album was their way to let their new generation of fans know their music from when they started until today.

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He showed a clip of “Am I Wrong” on WeVerse and thought many ARMYs might haven’t heard of the song yet.

“There must probably be a couple of ARMYs who don’t know ‘Am I Wrong,’ right?” he said.

BTS Reveals Why They Decided to Release Proof


In BTS’s recent Proof Live, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook finally revealed the reason behind their decision to release an anthology album.

RM explained that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the things they had done since 2020 weren’t planned, just like Proof.

“We’ve done most things spontaneously based on the best decision we could make each time,” he said. “Everything was flexible.”

Though an anthology album wasn’t what they expected to do, they had carefully thought of it.

Jin revealed that since they had a lot of songs in their discography, doing an anthology album was their way to sort through their music.

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“We wanted to take a moment to sort out what we’ve released so far,” he said. “So we put them all in one album.”


Jin added that by compiling all their songs in one album, fans would find it easier to listen to their discography at once.

V continued that it was also their way to unveil their unreleased music and wrap up their first chapter before starting the next.

“Many of our unreleased songs are included in this album. We took those songs as a chance to reminisce on when they were recorded,” he pointed out. “We also wanted to wrap up our first chapter. That’s why we created our album.”

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Of course, BTS carefully selected the songs included in the album and they all played major roles in their career.

As they worked on the track list, they didn’t realize they had already come up with three CDs.

The first CD contains BTS’s history that all have the title tracks, while the second one features their stories and everything they want to tell each other.


Lastly, the third CD has their unreleased songs.

“BTS is nothing without our fans, right?” J-Hope said. “So the theme is our love for our fans.”

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