BIG BANG TOP Introduces New Wine Label Amid Comeback Rumors

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Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Just as many thought BIG BANG’s T.O.P was preparing for a comeback, he recently introduced his own wine label, T’SPOT.

T.O.P shared some snaps to introduce his new wine label on Instagram on Monday, June 13. It featured the wine bottles, the art used in them, his own photo and some details about the brand.

T.O.P’s New Wine Label

The rapper surprised everyone with the introduction of his wine label.

"Here it is-T'SPOT,” the caption read. “I hope to share my passion for wine with as many people as possible."

He also used the hashtag #winter2022, which seemed to hint at the launch date of the drink.

The accompanying post revealed the wine’s label would be an artwork by Kohei Nawa. It added that wine is the third love of the BIG BANG member, following art and his fans.

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Now, he’s combining all three with this new wine project. The red and white wines would be selected and produced in France.

“It started when I was going through some tough times, as a way to pay back fan support,” he said. “I came up with this idea that I wanted to share some good wines at a reasonable price.”

T.O.P continued that his wine isn’t only available for certain people, but he wanted to share it with everyone.

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So, he aims to make the wine as affordable as possible and a portion of its revenue will go to an art foundation.

T.O.P’s Comeback Preparations

Meanwhile, T.O.P parted ways with his debut label YG Entertainment in February and industry insiders believed he would be making a comeback as a solo artist soon, per AllKpop.

He might drop a collection of songs he worked on as an idol throughout his career.

In fact, he was recently seen in Manhattan, New York, with a filming crew. The FACT published some photos of the K-pop star on June 7 and claimed he seemed to be filming a new project in various locations.

He was even spotted filming IN mid-May with a group of men holding cameras and lights. The group had “high security” and their project would reportedly involve “video, music and art.”

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"While it is difficult to reveal specific details, this content is one portion of a large-scale comeback project that T.O.P has been preparing with global partners,” an insider told The FACT. “The content will depict T.O.P with his many identities, including as a singer, an actor, and as a human being."

T.O.P’s Return to the Spotlight

Elsewhere, as T.O.P is now back in the limelight, it looks like he’s now ready to conquer the music scene once again.

“This is a time to leap to the next stage of my career and life,” he said in an interview with Prestige Online.

However, there was a point in his life when he wanted to stop making music, especially when he got embroiled in an issue about illegal marijuana. It has been known that the pot is a serious subject in Korea.

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However, music has also become his motivation during the bad and rough times.


“It’s been my motivation, like wanting to fill up a bookshelf with my work. It’s been my passion. I realized how precious it is to pay back what I’ve received. I feel that I’m reborn,” T.O.P said.

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