BTS Members Can Be Granted With THIS Special Opportunity While Serving the Military

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS members can avail themselves of the special opportunity while serving in the military.

Talks about BTS’ military service came to an end as the boy group and its company, HYBE, decided to have the members be enlisted. The decision was made amid the South Korean government’s divided opinions on whether the members should have military service or not.

Following the announcement, the defense ministry released a statement sharing what the future holds for the idols while they are away from the K-pop scene.

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BTS Members To Have Special Opportunity While in Service

On Tuesday, the defense ministry served the opportunity BTS members could avail while they are in the military.

During the regular press briefing, the defense ministry’s acting spokesperson Col. Moon Hong Sik, said that BTS members could participate in national events for the “public good” even when after they are enlisted.

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"Our position is that we will provide an opportunity if they wish to participate when there is a national-level event for the public good or an event designed in light of the national interest," he said, as quoted by The Korea Times.

Jin, the first member to be enlisted, will experience it firsthand. Other members can have the opportunity under the current regulations.

Usually, Korean men are obliged to complete military service for 18 months without a break.

BTS Members Can Still Perform Overseas

Aside from the national events, BTS members can also perform overseas while their mandatory military service is underway. Before HYBE announced the decision, defense minister Lee Jong Sup said in August (via The Korea Herald) that there could be a way to make it happen without breaching the principle of "fairness and equity."

He did not mention the way to allow the members to practice and enjoy overseas performances, but the commissioner of the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) Lee Ki Sik said that they are reviewing the potential options already.

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