BTS May Finally Perform This Fan-Favorite Song At Busan Concert After Being Deemed ‘Unfit For Broadcast’

Credit: People/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: People/YouTube Screenshot

BTS will finally reunite for their upcoming free concert, World Expo 2030 Busan Korean Concert BTS <Yet to Come>, on Saturday, October 15. As the group is now rehearsing, fans around its venue of Busan Asiad Main Stadium can hear the songs they’re about to perform, and it includes one particular track that fans want them to sing live.

Several songs are already expected to be on BTS’s setlist, like “Ma City,” “Dionysus,” “MIC Drop,” “Cypher Pt. 3,” “Zero O’clock,” and more. However, eavesdroppers quickly celebrate when they hear them rehearse “Run BTS.”

Will BTS Perform ‘Run BTS’?

“Run BTS” became an instant fan favorite after the boys released it as a part of their anthology album, Proof, in June this year.

However, despite being a favorite, it wasn’t part of the group’s performances to promote their new album on different music shows. Why?

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It was deemed “unfit for broadcast” due to some parts of its lyrics that had cursing.

So, will BTS now have a chance to perform it live in front of their fans at their upcoming Busan concert?

Hints that BTS will Perform ‘Run BTS’

Fans only saw BTS perform “Run BTS” when V and Jungkook sang it during their live broadcasts. However, what they wanted to see was a live performance of it.

Now, it looks like they will finally hear their fans’ cries.

At the 2022 The Fact Music Awards, a.k.a. the 2022 TMAs, J-Hope said they would be “running hard,” though he could also mean that they would be giving their best as “to run” in Korea meant “go at something 100%.”

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RM, alternatively, was seen “running in place,” which many deemed as another hint of their “Run BTS” performance.

But as some fans already hear BTS perform it in their rehearsal, it seems to confirm that ARMYs will finally see them perform “Run BTS” live.

Other BTS Songs Fans Wish Them to Perform

Aside from “Run BTS,” fans also have their list of songs they wish BTS to perform at their concert.

One of them is “Coffee.” As this seems to be an old song, it has been a while since fans hear them sing it.

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Another is “Lost.” It has been six years since this song was released, so hearing it again will surely be pleasing.

Next is “Autumn Leaves,” another fan-favorite from the 2015 album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2. Lastly, fans also want to hear “21st Century Girl” and “Paradise” again.

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