BTS Jungkook's Alleged Hat Being Sold on Secondhand Market; Fans Enraged

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Jungkook’s alleged missing hat has been sold online by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff member.

With the rising popularity of BTS, some people take advantage of it by selling goods for more than their original price. For instance, the K-pop group’s concert tickets are sometimes sold for a whopping amount.

Recently, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff put Jungkook’s hat on sale online, which has since garnered criticisms from ARMYs.

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BTS Jungkook’s Hat Sold for $7,000

Korea JoongAng Daily and other Korean news outlets reported that a user sold Jungkook’s hat on Bungae Jangteo, an online flea market platform, on Monday.

The seller, who claimed to be a Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff, sold it for $7,000. It got deleted after ARMYs condemned the sale, but it was also possible that someone bought it despite the hefty price tag.

To “test” the authenticity of the claims, the user uploaded a picture of an employee ID but covered the photo with a sticker.

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“When BTS members visited the Passport Division to create diplomatic passports, Jungkook left this bucket hat in the waiting area. After reporting the hat as lost property, we waited for six months, but there was no phone call or visit to acquire the hat. Therefore, the person who found the hat now has ownership,” the staff explained.

It described the hat as a “very used” item but priceless since Jungkook reportedly owned it. It also tried to use strategies to sell the item, saying the hat’s value would rise further.

Fans Enraged Over Hat’s Sale; Ministry of Foreign Affairs Responds

Following the emergence of the post, ARMYs expressed their rage as the seller should not have sold it if it belonged to Jungkook. Korean law states that taking ownership of a lost property without informing the authorities before selling it is equivalent to one-year imprisonment or a 3 million KRW fine.

In response to this, an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that BTS members visited the site last year to obtain diplomatic passports. However, it reportedly did not record any lost property. Thus, it cannot confirm whether it truly belongs to Jungkook.

HYBE is yet to comment on the matter.

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