BTS Jungkook's Hat Controversy: Foreign Ministry Affairs Launches Probe Into the Alleged Sale of Idol's Belonging

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Jungkook’s hat has been put under the spotlight more after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially launched a probe into the matter.

The seller, who claimed to be a staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reportedly got Jungkook’s hat when BTS visited the department a year ago. They shared a photo of their ID online to support their claim and tried selling the item for $7,000.

Here’s how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is addressing it.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Launches Investigation

On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducted the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee's audit hearing at the National Assembly Building. Foreign Affairs Minister Park Jin revealed to the members that the department started its internal investigation to learn the truth about the claims.

Korea JoongAng Daily quoted Park’s statement, saying that the probe would look into the claims that a staff illegally obtained Jungkook’s hat.

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"If the claims are true, the ministry plans to strictly handle the issue in accordance with the relevant regulations. However, it is difficult to discuss specific details about the investigation because it involves personal information,” he said.

The department reportedly has a suspect now but did not disclose details about it.

BTS Jungkook’s Hat Controversy

The investigation was launched after a seller posted the hat on Bungae Jangteo, an online flea market platform.

“When BTS members visited the Passport Division to create diplomatic passports, Jungkook left this bucket hat in the waiting area. After reporting the hat as lost property, we waited for six months, but there was no phone call or visit to acquire the hat. Therefore, the person who found the hat now has ownership,” the staff explained.

The post was deleted a few minutes later as fans slammed the staff for stealing Jungkook’s belonging. The alleged staff broke Korean law regarding taking ownership of a lost property without informing the authorities before selling it.

HYBE still has not commented on the matter.

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