BTS Jungkook Turns People's Heads During Harry Styles Concert



BTS Jungkook -- along with Jimin, V, and J-Hope – attended Harry Styles' Love On concert in Los Angeles.

Since September, Styles have been holding his second solo tour across the US. The concert is part of the former One Direction member's 2019 album Fine Line.

As he kicked off his show in LA, four BTS members joined the Stylers and danced to the singer's songs all night long. Jungkook, on the other hand, took most of the attention because of his visuals.

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BTS Jungkook Wows Harry Styles Concert's Crowd

On Twitter, several phrases took over the trending topics, including "one in animal print" and "one in leopard hoodie." All of the tags refer to Jungkook, who was sporting a brown, animal print outfit during the concert.

Concertgoers who saw him in person noted how Jungkook's face almost outshined the whole event. They applauded his unmatched visuals that still made him very attractive in the dark.

During the mega show, Jungkook and the other members were seen grooving to the music and enjoying the night as much as possible. The youngest member was even seen singing Falling as Styles sang the song during the concert.

After going viral, he became one of the Most Tweeted Artists following the concert. His name ranked number 4 worldwide and number 3 in the US. His name also appeared in 45 different countries after 1 million tweets mentioned him. Although he only attended the event, he got the same ranking as Styles, who led the show.

Jungkook Inspiring Fans Amid Success

Though Jungkook is part of the world's most famous K-pop group, he remains humble and down to Earth. In response to it, his fans highlight the K-pop idol and the fandom's kindness by giving donations to charities and projects.

Most recently, they created another environmental project to help the government preserve rare animals and help safeguard nature.

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Jungkook's fansite, Everything is OK, announced Jungkook Forest No. 4 as its special project for the K-pop idol's 25th birthday. The same fansite successfully created Forest No. 1, 2, and 3 in honor of the BTS member.

The Korea Federation for Environmental Movement acknowledged the efforts, confirming that the forest is located at the riverside of Ichon Hangang Park.

The project alone raised $16,000 from 310 fans, and they will surely continue to do it to help Jungkook and BTS in all their causes.

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