BTS Busan EXPO Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows Jin Looking 'Very Sick' Before the Show

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Jin earned praise after BANGTANTV released a behind-the-scenes video of the group's Yet To Come in Busan last year.

BTS came together amid the members' solo endeavors to help Busan in its bid to host the next World Expo in 2030. The supergroup became the honorary ambassador of the event.

World Expos are a global gathering of nations where representatives tackle potential solutions to global problems. Aside from Busan, four other places also made it to the list of candidates, including Riyadh, Rome, Odessa, and Moscow.

While BTS' show was a successful one, ARMYs were recently felt a little concerned because of Jin's status before the show.

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Was BTS Jin Sick Before Yet To Come to Busan?

BANGTANTV's official YouTube channel released a new episode documenting the Fire hitmakers' Yet To Come in Busan concert.

Elsewhere in the clip, Jin can be seen filming for the photobook of The Astronaut while preparing for the concert despite feeling sick. The behind-the-scenes video also showed the worrying condition of Jin's throat.

His health issue got worse, and he could not talk without sounding sore. He also kept coughing while complaining that nothing was helping him to recover from it as fast as possible.

"My throat condition was really bad last couple of weeks so I practically lived in the ENT clinic," he said. "Ah, I really prayed a lot that please at least during the concert let my throat condition comes back to normal, and even 10 minutes before the concert, my throat was bad I could barely talk." [sic]

BTS Jin also revealed he had IV fluids hours before the concert and an IM shot a day before.

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After watching the clip, ARMYs took to Twitter to applaud Jin's efforts to give the best performance despite his condition.

“Thinking about how Jin was also sick at Wembley and none of us knew until ages afterwards, vocals beautiful as always. Shows how professional and hard working he is.”
“seokjin’s dedication is so admirable, he always gives his 100% even when he’s sick. from the way he performed, you’d never guess he was in pain.. his talent and professionalism is insane.”
“Jin deserves all the praise in the world! His talent is truly on another level because he was the vocal king on stage that day, you can listen to the entire concert and will never hear Jin sounding off, he is the most stable and the most capable.”

BTS Jin Updates Fans With New Military Photos

On WeVerse, Jin showed his dedication and sincerity to fans again by sharing photos of him wearing a military uniform during his duty.

"I'm having fun. I'm posting a photo with permission from the military," he wrote. "Army, always be happy and stay well."

His BTS co-bandmates immediately showered him with love, with Jimin and J-Hope thanking him for his effort and telling him he loves him, respectively.

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