BTS Featurette for Child’s Play Introduces Us to the New Chucky

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Child's Play is probably one of the most iconic horror movies of the 80s, and it's only natural that they would reboot the character for contemporary times. The latest trailer didn't really give us a good look at the new Chucky, but now Orion has released a new BTS featurette which focuses on how the film brought this new iteration of the character to life.

Animatronics. Puppeteers. Months of work. And a killer crew. Go behind-the-scenes and see how CHUCKY was made in this brand-new clip.


With a lot of CGI being used in modern day films, it's amazing how the film is still opting to use animatronics to bring this Buddi doll to life. No doubt they're probably still going to have some CGI versions of him in the film, but it's great that they're going to be using a practical prop for a lot of the scenes.

I don't know if I have to see the movie, but the look of Chucky in this new film isn't as ‘demonic' as the original doll from the 80s. I guess we'll just have to wait and see before we make our judgments.

In lieu of the original supernatural origin, this new Chucky doll is said to be a sci-fi nightmare. He's a smart doll that's hooked up to the rest of the technology so you can imagine the havoc he can wreak once he goes loose on everyone.

Catch Child's Play when it hits theaters June 21.

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